Luxury & Fashion: Designer brands bring chic to Shanghai

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It all started at Plaza 66, in Nanjing Xi lu; from Miu Miu to Louis Vuitton to Dior to Gucci to Fendi to Cartier, it just wouldn’t end.

On one of my first nights out in the city, I decided to take a walk around the block. After 10 minutes I found myself in the middle of Nanjing Xi lu, facing the main entrance of Plaza 66.

Many of you have no idea that “China” has evolved. In the past years, everyone viewed this country as the source of cheap raw materials and cheap labor. What people didn’t know is that the major cities in China have flourished insanely in the passed couple of years. Shanghai has developed so suddenly into becoming a sophisticated city, the rich class are getting richer and the middle class are climbing up the social ladder.

Just last night I was having a conversation with a friend over dinner and he told me that when he first came to China 10 years ago; people were on bikes, people did not know fashion and the city was not close to being what it has become. But for the past 3 years; the world’s greatest designers, Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano are just two of them, had their eyes set on this city. To many of them, they were counting on cities like Shanghai to buy their most expensive creations.

I did not expect to see that, especially when it was just a walk around the block. The size of the shops, the window displays, the woman and men shopping, the walls, the lighting… it was luxury. I’m telling you, it really wouldn’t end.

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10 Responses to Luxury & Fashion: Designer brands bring chic to Shanghai

  1. Pascale M says:

    Wow! I’m loving this!
    I also think bikes are fashionable, the Chinese way! O yeah!
    We need more blog posts!

  2. Hrag K says:

    😀 Our little stylish adventurers are on an academic fashion quest in Shanghai.
    I always had a passion for easten countries and their culture (Heck, even my gf (for 4 years) is malaysian! ); So you can see how i will be keeping a close eye on this site. I know you guys will be very busy but… i think i speak for most of your friends when I say we eagerly wait for the weekly updates.

    Make the most of this experience, and … good luck to you both JF and LT!

  3. Lilo-Chic says:

    Eastern fashion have always been an inspiration to many high end designers around the globe…. no wonders that Shanghai now captures HUGE names esp. when most fashion conglomerates (even the most sophisticated) now produce a great deal of their lines there!
    Keep up the good work Jess!!! Waiting for more fashion moments from you…

  4. Nora S. says:

    seriously! i love this…. it’s really interesting! bring us more…

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    check it out !

  6. tiffanytcm says:

    Agree! These people got the money and they just want to spend on all luxury products. But somehow I think a lot of them are buying the products just for the sake of buying, they don’t really know fashion at all. But yeah, at least a good start!

  7. Rita says:

    Very interesting indeed ! keep up posted … looking forward

  8. Mounir says:

    Amazing article !

    I would love to see you coming up with a new article on how the big Chinese market is affecting the biggest designers collections and how those designers are being able to accommodate the taste of this market that might be different than the European’s taste .

    Wish you all the Best !

    • stylebeats says:

      I’ll definitely look into that! The Chinese market is really affecting the designer collections, many for example GUCCI are tailoring their collections to these markets. I’ll get back with more facts on this =) Thanks!

  9. Gift&Yucheng says:

    People on bike again, low carbon.

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