Shanghai fashion events

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STYLE BEATS got many events this week!!!  Premiere vision for tomorrow! AND over the weekend we will attend our first fashion events in Shanghai!!!!!! got invitation to the Nordic Fashion week on friday and tickets to the “Launch of Mexico’s High Fashion in China” at the Shanghai Fashion week!!!!!!!! (Thanks to maria, maybe you will introduce us to Ms. Universe =P) we also managed to get invited to the exclusive after party so that should be interesting!! thanks to Maria again =D

stay tuned… the pics and reviews will be up soon!

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6 Responses to Shanghai fashion events

  1. Moni says:

    Wow that’s AWESOME!!!! Enjoy it girls and get back to us with all the inside stories!!! 😉 Can’t wait…

  2. Maho says:

    Thank you guys!!! We will have a great time!! 😉

    Muchos besos!!

  3. thexsky says:

    I am extremely excited. Thanks a lot, guys, again for getting me in. I really need it right now. And it is going to be my first show ever, which I am watching and not participating in.. SO EXCITED!!!!!

  4. Mira Hamadeh says:

    Amazing!!! Will be waiting for the pictures and detaaaails! Have a great time! And btw i love the blog design!! xx

  5. maysa says:

    hayetee thats awesome ! have a great time 🙂 waiting for the pix 😉

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