Dunhill Home: Gentlemen you got to be inspired!

As I walked into Alfred Dunhill’s Home in Shanghai, I was swept away with every single detail of the place; from the beautiful historical & old architecture of the villa to the exquisite interior.

When I first entered the door of the “Home” I felt I was carried away into the scene of my childhood favorite movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

It was love at first sight!!

The home just made me want to be part of the “DUNHILL” exclusive club, but of course I can’t… since I’m not rich… more likely not a rich Gentleman!!!

The whole concept of the Home compliments the whole image of Dunhill; it provides the ultimate masculine Luxury. It seriously speaks the lifestyle of Luxury, Luxury and Luxury!!

StyleBeats gives you a sneak peak of a few corners of the home. Alfred Dunhill’s other homes are located in Shanghai, London, Tokyo & Hong Kong, if you are ever in any of these cities you should definitely pay it a visit.

Check out Leaving Behind Living ahead for more about this topic: click here,Leaving behind Living ahead.

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3 Responses to Dunhill Home: Gentlemen you got to be inspired!

  1. Nour says:

    So classy! Looking forward laraa , Goodluck

  2. zeina says:

    really that’s an amazing concept! good for you, men!

  3. stylebeats says:

    its beautiful…i think the Middle East needs one of these concept “Home”,and some styling tips for men…dont u agree??

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