Everlasting, Alexander McQueen

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As I was spotting the latest trends and the Spring Summer 2011 fashion shows, I was bedazzled by Alexander’s McQueen magical collection.

Like everything else in the world, designers emerge then fade away, their fame and recognition reviewed consistently according to the collection they broadcast each season.

But some designers are here to last. They grow with fashion as simultaneously and naturally as a parent does with his child.

And for this reason, the fashion world will never be done mourning Alexander McQueen.

British designer Alexander McQueen was fascinated with psychology and found expression in fashion. He not only distinguished himself with his brand of dramatic tailoring but also and most exquisitely with his avant-garde shows. No one who went to an Alexander McQueen show could ever again have believed that fashion is purely superficial.

Here to say, Sarah Burton McQueen’s recent appointed designer followed his lead after his death and showcased a groundbreaking Spring-Summer 2011 collection.


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4 Responses to Everlasting, Alexander McQueen

  1. Antwone Charles says:

    He will certainly be missed. Plato’s Atlantis is a masterpiece. If Charles Darwin was alive he’d be really proud that he inspired such a collection.

  2. zeina says:

    really weird shoe!
    R.I.P. AMQ

  3. stylebeats says:

    McQueen will definitely be missed,he was actually a genius in his generation in fashion.
    (Zeina) weird but amazing unique shoes….i actually tried them on they’re really heavy..i wonder how lady gaga was able to walk in them.

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