Kate Moss: Sneak peak to her last collection for Topshop

I came across an interesting title: “shop till you’re dropped”. Is that really the case nowadays?

After designing 14 collections for her Kate Moss’s Topshop line; we will be witnessing the end of the partnership after her lastest autumn/winter 2010 collection is released.

Kate Moss & her team have certainly put a great amount of effort [& money] to make sure that the last collection does make a hit.

Below is the plan for the launch of the collection which will take place on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.


























I was never really was able to purchase a piece of Kate Moss’s line, I always felt the pieces had something wrong in them, either the length or the width or the color. It might just be me or maybe the items they had in their stores in Beirut! Unfortunately, there’s no Topshop here in Shanghai (oh yes, no Topshop =[ … and story ends here), so I believe I will only be seeing the collection online on the Topshop website, and I have a feeling that this time she’s put more effort into the line!

If anyone got the chance to see it in person, please write me back your feedback about it!


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4 Responses to Kate Moss: Sneak peak to her last collection for Topshop

  1. enikeifa says:

    It never looks like the same as it does in pictures:0(
    E & F

  2. Leyla says:

    beautiful selections.

  3. William. says:

    Very attractive choices.

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