Digital Fashion: VOGUE iPad app

Here I come with the latest news! The British VOGUE will launch in the next few days its first iPad application. You would have to pay £3.99 for the application; which is almost the same as the magazine (maybe just cheaper), which costs £4.

The application will first include a complete version of the December 2010 issue and will feature the December issue’s star Emma Watson. It’s has been said to have much more content and enhanced shootings. There’s a whole section of augmented advertising that will give the big brands a medium of using rich media. For example for Burberry: the model will move her head as you run your finger across the app.

This is not just going to be a PDF version of the print magazine, like every other magazine has done out there. This is going to revolutionize the existing fashion magazines world, since now people are going to be able to share and participate in this application, making the magazine business an interactive digital platform.

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2 Responses to Digital Fashion: VOGUE iPad app

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  2. Shanghaista says:

    That is some great info ! Quite fascinating to see the transition from print to digital.

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