Karl Lagerfeld on technology: “Facebook is a flawless object”

“If you think so much about the past, your present is second hand” – Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld speaks exclusively about technology for the Luxury Channel. He talks about the role of digital in fashion, luxury, he even mentions Shanghai. Check out the video below, it’s pretty interesting to see the point of view of someone that plays an extremely important role in the fashion world about everything that is going on.

Lagerfeld about luxury, technological devices & technology:

“I think they are very beautiful objects. There is no touch of what is considered bad taste or bad design [with technology], because bad design is bad taste today. They are flawless in a way. Facebook is a flawless object…it’s for me like a Brancusi.”

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3 Responses to Karl Lagerfeld on technology: “Facebook is a flawless object”

  1. zeina says:

    such an insightful character!

  2. Maho says:

    I love Mr. Lagerfeld! I think he has a lot of power. I love the way he manages Chanel and how different it is to he´s own line.
    Great video!

  3. Moni says:

    “Must never say you have saw it all” – I like..
    Funny fella!

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