VOGUE America: “Asian models are redefining traditional concepts of beauty”

Vogue’s December issue announces, “Asian models are redefining traditional concepts of beauty”. The issue features a shoot (picture below) with 8 Asian models photographed by Steven Meisel.










From what I’ve read, and actually witnessed living here in Shanghai; there is an increase in significance of luxury brands in Asia. I did assume that Asian faces would also become more prominent, but I wasn’t sure if it would be at a global scale. I was wrong, lately Asian models have been getting a lot of high-profile work from so many different companies in the fashion & cosmetics industry and even designers. Estee Lauder, Maybelline, designer Marc Jacobs (who actually had 8 Asian models in his latest fashion show for LV), Versace, Lanvin are some of the many companies & designers featuring Asian models.

Above: Liu Wen to be their first Asian spokesmodel for Estee Lauder

Vogue’s issue attracted a lot of controversial questions. Some are questioning whether this is just a December issue? Is it more of a statement? Is it a start for the increase in popularity of Asian models? Or is just a general reflection of the worldwide impact of the increase in luxury demand from Asian countries? Can this be considered discrimination in some way? Making headlines for including Asian models? I don’t know, we can go on and ask endless number of questions. But yet again, it might really be a start of a new phase, it might be an appreciation of beauty, (or just a new trend?). Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the Asian beauty across the world. After all its cool to see that Vogues America is acknowledging the importance & beauty of Asian models, featuring them in their December issue. Don’t know if you would agree!

Above: Shu Pei will be the face of Maybelline this year

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4 Responses to VOGUE America: “Asian models are redefining traditional concepts of beauty”

  1. tiffanytcm says:

    ah! I was gonna talk about this too 😛 but yeh.. we’re seeing more and more asian models at runway shows and ad campaigns etc. Something new, less boring you know 😉
    p.s. you’re seeing an asian beauty everyday at class 😀

  2. Sibo says:

    I think they are acknowledging asian beauty and i hope it’s the start of a new era because the beauty isn’t in the colour of your eyes but i think it’s the different shapes and your long, luxurious rich dark hair. It’s unique and gorgeous. your blog is AMAZING by the way!! 🙂

  3. zeina says:

    Go Asia!
    first it was Naomi then Tyra and now Asia 🙂

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