Lanvin ♥ H&M: Collection was launched in Shanghai on November 23

I was at the Lanvin for H&M Launch in Shanghai on Tuesday, even though I stayed there for 3 hours, I did not actually make it into the store. I was in front of the store at 6.30 a.m. I get there and..people were already lined up around the block since 10p.m. the night before (the line was endless), people were sleeping on the floor in line, there was Mcdonalds bags everywhere, pillows… it was freezing cold, and people still lined up. The first 350 people in line had the color coded bracelets, they were the only ones allowed to enter into the store for the first 5 hours. Even though I didn’t manage to get into the store, but it was amazing to see and take pictures of what was going on. Here’s how it went:

[HuaiHai Road: H&M window display]

[At 6.30 a.m. in line for the opening]

[I took the picture of this guy the first 5 minutes I was there, by the time I left he was a celebrity, everyone was interviewing him]

[The time-slots for the bracelets, each group had a 15 minute time slot to buy what they want]

[close up of the window display]

[more people in line]

[I think that I forgot to mention, that so much “business” was going on that morning. This is one of the guys (not so fashionable is he?) that had people going in and getting the stuff to be resold. His strategy was that you order the item you want, he gives a call and requests it, you pay him double the price and it’s all yours.]

[the first bag to come out of the store]

[the first bag went to her, she had paid him to buy her the stuff she wanted, everyone was going crazy over what she had bought]

[okay, this was right next to me, two old men exchanging VISA cards. The guy was telling him what sizes of the dresses he wanted (I had a friend translate what he said)]

[they bought so much!!]

[she was also one of the first people to come out, she was the only one that stopped for the cameras to show everyone what she got]

[my favorite picture, these were ALL bought by the same ‘team’, 5 minutes after the launch of the collection the clothes were already out of the store and on sale for double the price inside the store]

[the ‘team’]

[it was nice to see girls shop for themselves]

It’s sad to see how things actually go in such a beautiful fashion event. People are supposed to enjoy the experience of shopping LANVIN dresses. I guess this is how it goes, I’m not sure if this was only in China or all over the world. If anyone was at the launch in any other country please share! Last thing, the collection was really beautiful, much more beautiful that the photos online and the whole campaign was just phenomenal.

So happy I got to buy a piece for myself.

I ♥ my Lanvin T-shirt.

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21 Responses to Lanvin ♥ H&M: Collection was launched in Shanghai on November 23

  1. tiffanytcm says:

    630am?!! OMG that’s crazy!! love ur pictures btw 😀 when i first knew about the collection, i could tell that it’s gonna be WAR, especially in shanghai!!! lol

  2. Kat-Cat says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I would never have survive lining up in the cold! Congrats on getting yourself a T-shirt! Don’t forget to show me 🙂

  3. louisa says:

    IT is the same in Hong kong , there are 4 to 10 people start queing the day before at 2 pm in the afternoon, and more people joined in at mid nite, and over 320 people queing when it opens on the launching day!

    I was there at 10 45am, targetto join the group after 16 sessions finished..

    and I am lucky to buy the fuex fur coat, the purple off-shoulder dress and a LANVIN T_shirt.

    PEople are selling outside the stores by adding $ 500 to $ 800 on each item!!!
    and the hot yellow dress were all gone by the time i got in.
    and the second hot item is the Transparent coat, and the pink ruffles dress..
    I can’t see those when i get in at 10 45a, .

    and the pink dresses are all gone by the time i get in too.. …

    I guess people don’t like the zebra coat and the black trench coat. They are the last to sell off.

    Happy shopping and still have the LANVIN fever 2 days after the show… i m still very excited to read the news and blogs about this event!!!!!

    • StyleBeats says:

      Same thing happened over here, there were 350 people with the bracelets and so much more waiting to get in after or to get their stuff from the guys that were first in queue. I actually wanted the purple off-shoulder dress!!!! i’m not so sure they had it in shanghai because i didn’t see ONE person come out with it. I wanted the sunglasses too but accessories were gone in the first 15 minutes. I wonder WHO it is going to be next november… theres already a few rumors… i’ll be posting about them soon =]

  4. Mode says:

    Here in beirut, u had to be at the shop 7:30 AM. the stores opened at 8:00. All the collection was gone by 8:15!!!!! no queues, no reselling of goods. 1st come 1st serve. i arrived 8:30, so i could not get anything. luckily, my friend had gotten there on time. she got me a tshirt and the leopard shoes 😉
    So next time there is an event, just come to beirut! hehehe

    • StyleBeats says:

      I heard about Beirut, there was barely any “event awareness” if I call it that. Not many people knew about it, I think because they didn’t have much stock. The quantities were probably low so they didn’t do much advertising. Over here, it was on every blog, in every magazine, on every street ,there was huge LCDs on the shopping district running the ads of Lanvin, countdowns….I loved it. But you are right I guess Beirut would’ve been much easier!

  5. Jenny says:

    Wow! I cant believe u went there so early and there were so many people!! I send my “personal shopper” in germany (who is actually my mum haha) to get me something. She went there at 8.30 and got a bracelet easily so she could go for a coffee and go back at 9.30 – she bought three bags full of stuff! So Im even more excited to go home for christmas and see the stuff 🙂
    Awesome pictures btw – looks like a rock concert or something 🙂

  6. faux kitty says:

    very nice photos!! omg thats crazy! im glad you bought a shirt at least
    stop by my blog 🙂 i bought some things, you should try to wake up at 6 am to shop online. here in Austria women got crazy but menswear didnt have the same success

  7. Mounir Sfeir says:

    WOW amazing !!! I really like the photos, Lanvin by HM adventure !!!I went today to H&M in Beirut Souks, they told me that by 8:10 am they sold everything !!! But in the men section you can still find some stuff, but honestly they are the same quality and design as the usual H&M cloths, the only diffrence is the tag of Lanvin !!!

    • StyleBeats says:

      Well, honestly, when I saw the photos I thought that the stuff aren’t so great. But when I tried on things and saw them in person I must say the womenswear were beautiful, the dresses & the T-shirts. The designs were unique, the material, the colors. The quality was not H&M’s normal quality, the fabrics were better. Plus I feel H&M’s quality has improved drastically this season, I can really see a difference.

  8. Sibo says:

    OMG!! that was such an insane experince…. DUDE!! you got to see first hand what happened and the pictures you got are amazing, i feel like i was there in the cold fascinated with all that was happening… GEE!! people love Lanvin. That collection was really awesome and clearly a best seller.. lol.. @Mounir Sfeir they will always charge EXTRA just for the brand name. After all it’s the price that says how much their worth and “who” you’re wearing..

  9. Would say, H&M is good at PR!

  10. zeina says:

    that is simply “wooooow”!!! i thought this only happened in movies!! well there you go….congrats to the people who bought stuff 🙂

    that must’ve been an adventure to watch such a war. however i don’t think that the collection has come to Abu Dhabi… first of all the shop has recently opened in Abu Dhabi Mall plus i don’t think that the people here are so into being the first to wear an outfit…
    i guess that’s a cultural difference…

    loved this piece on Lanvin ♥ H&M

  11. Viki says:

    AMAZING!!! gr8 pics!!!

  12. mamma82 says:

    That’s so wrong!!! Usually H&M have rules for that, the same person can’t buy the same dress i all sizes and so on, just so THAT doesn’t happen! The poor ppl standig in line behind the “team” didn’t get anything then? Even though they had been standing in line for hours??? Ppl do that in Sweden as well, buy several dresses and sell them on Ebay, but not the hole collection =(

    • StyleBeats says:

      Yes you are completely right. They had rules, very strict rules. You are not allowed to buy more than one size from each item of clothing, or more than one piece of each item of jewelry. But that is why there was a team. They each went in and bought as many pieces as possible. It happens, I guess it is going to be impossible for H&M to stop people from doing this. I heard it happened in many other places!

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  14. Moni says:

    WOW wow WOW.. I’ve been meaning to come and see the update on the event.. What an experience to see all this right in front of you. You girls really are really on top of it all 😉 .. Good Job Lali.. Proud of u!!
    Barely could see the clothes in the pic but look AMAZING!! Wish I couldve been there too!

  15. hana says:

    Laroush Seriously WOOOOW!!ur really lucky 2 attend such an amazing event,even tho u couldnt enter the store:D

  16. Nora S. says:

    oh my god i just read some of the comments! i didn’t know they were having it in beirut too 😦
    so is it only a one time thing? what about next November? i wanttt!

    • StyleBeats says:

      Nora!! Yes they had it in Beirut!!!! You have to wait till next November, you’ll know about it then and you’ll get ready for it =P I think it’s going to be even bigger each year. Btw, you didn’t hear about it because apparently not much publicity was made in Beirut, over here it was a countdown!

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