Emporio Armani: launch of online fashion store in China

Emporio Armani finally made it and launched for the first time an online store in China, tailored specifically to the Chinese market in all ways.Armani said it was “the first fashion brand to offer a Flagship store online experience in China.”
He also said of the launch ‘In view of the increasing enthusiasm for online shopping and the growing importance of the Chinese market, I have decided to open an Emporio Armani online store in China where we have identified a significant group of fashion consumers who will certainly appreciate this new approach to shopping, one that becomes more popular every day.’
As China has the largest web population,I think Emporio Armani made a great step in approaching the Chinese consumers.

But I dont understand why the website is not bilingual,I am actually struggling in surfing the webpage!!


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4 Responses to Emporio Armani: launch of online fashion store in China

  1. zeina says:

    it’s only in chinese?? that’s weird!

  2. Moni says:

    Very Interesting! This is the stuff I like 😉

  3. Bahjat says:

    Go Lebanon!!!

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