2011 fashion trend: Cat eye glasses


I first noticed this trend in VOGUE in a Prada ad at the beginning of summer. Prada was one of the first designers to feature this 50’s trend in its fall collection for both eyeglasses & sunglasses . Now, many others have followed. This 50’s & early 60’s trend is definitely being revived as a trendy look for 2011.

Do you love this trend? I personally love 50’s fashion trends. Make sure you try on as many pairs as you can find until you find the one that works with you. I’m definitely starting my search for the perfect pair.

[Olivia Palermo stands out in just the right way with her cat eye glasses]

[Model from the Jeremy Scott Spring rtw 2011 show]

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4 Responses to 2011 fashion trend: Cat eye glasses

  1. zeina says:

    i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the glasses in the first photo! loool they look like double eyebrows.

    even so, i think that these types of sunglasses require a certain hairstyle, make up and wardrobe…don’t you think?

  2. Sibo says:

    I totally agree I think they only suit certain people. These glasses cannot be worn with all your outfits like most sunglasses but they definitely have to be worn with specific looks..

  3. Moni says:

    Haha! Imagine me in those! I can’t even find NORMAL shades that suit my face…
    Very stylish tho!! 🙂 Nice

  4. Nour says:

    this is gorgeous!

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