Elie Saab: Showcase opens for Christmas at Harrods

[Photo taken from fashionfoiegras]

This winter if you get to be in London you should definitely stop by Harrods, it will be marked by a touch of Lebanon, a small country if you check it on the map but home to the great visionary, Elie Saab whose designs are just larger than life! It’s your chance to get up close with some of ‘the world’s most photographed dresses’.

I’m sure you’ll be stopping by both ways but check out the exhibition the department store will be hosting of the 12 gowns by one of the most famous fashion designers who just happens to be a Lebanese designer and personally one of my favorites, Elie Saab. The dresses have been worn by many celebrities on different occasions from the Oscars, the Cannes Film Festival and many more red carpet events.

The dresses will be on display at Harrods’ Luxury Collections Display Lobby on the first floor of the store until December 22. I put the photos of the 12 celebrities that have word the selected 12 dresses below:

If you were to be in London, don’t forget to write back to me tell me how it goes. The exhibition will be a great opportunity to actually have a close look at the skills and details of the designs of each dress.

I want to be in London for Christmas!

One more thing, you really should check Elie Saab’s webpage, I think I want one of his dresses for Christmas!

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4 Responses to Elie Saab: Showcase opens for Christmas at Harrods

  1. Kat-Cat says:

    So many reasons to be in London this holiday, too bad I’ll be stuck in China!

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  3. Sibo says:

    Those dresses are MAGICAL!!

  4. Zeina says:

    every single piece done by Elie Saab is simply remarkable…

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