Alexander McQueen: trunk show in Beirut & AMQ gallery in Shanghai

As a personal McQueen addict, and as someone who has worked with his brand in Lebanon, it always strikes a personal note when his name comes up.

I can still remember the day of his death as if it was yesterday. It is an amazing feeling for all McQueen fans to know that his work continues. Last week, on November 24, Alexander McQueen’s boutique in Lebanon hosted a trunk show that many celebrities and elite people attended. It showcased his latest avant garde and outrageous designs!

On the other side of the world, over here in Shanghai;  six chinese artists present portraits and reproductions of Alexander McQueen’s skull signature at James Cohan Gallery as a tribute to his genius works, a tribute to the designer who enchanted his audience with the exquisite collection and made stomachs lurch with the underlying menace that was shot through his work. The Gallery will be open till the 31st of December 2010. I will definitely visit this exhibition in the coming weeks and I’ll get back to you on it.

Here are some photos from the trunk show in Beirut:

For more info check out Alexander Mcqueen -Beirut on facebook and in Shanghai

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6 Responses to Alexander McQueen: trunk show in Beirut & AMQ gallery in Shanghai

  1. Sibo says:

    Exquisite work! His work will continue to be great just as he was.

  2. Enike Smith says:

    Wow, I will be there with you…:0) He was such an amazing artist.

  3. Zeina says:

    what a loss in the fashion industry! i know how obsessed you were with his work and fashion styles 🙂

    awaiting feedback on the exhibition… i hope it’s a blast

    • Anonymous says:

      you already become a dottoressa in our world (fashion)…
      well i’m super proud of you… cause i was always sure from our collaboration in our works and your experience….
      All of the supplier partner in middle east as well with all our clients are always asking when the Dottoressa will be back….
      McQueen!!! it became a (maison of fashion lux) and sara burton was super successful when she did the summer 2011… Especially when all the press said that she is the top and they wrote (fun is back)
      we have the best sellout this season and people are asking of the summer 2011 from now….
      Please dottoressa agree my super best…


  4. So sad! I love McQueen’s for PUMA. It’s a great shame, there might be no more McQueen’s for PUMA.

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