Its all in Plastik!

“Copy conform” when I think of this statement I don’t think of computers, scanners or technological products… I think PLASTIC! We live in an age of globalization and conformity! Perfect models are all around us, on our streets, tvs, magazines… there’s this “idealistic” beauty nowadays. No wonder it has become a prerequisite in lebanon to have your nose job done inorder to face the world. And not any nose job, but the nose we aspire to is the same one everybody else has!

Plastic everywhere, brings me to PLASTIK magazine! Truely a revolution in the lebanese society. It’s a magazine that moved away from gibberish gossip and focuses on fashion, art and creativity.

Personally, it is one of my favorite magazines.  It symbolizes creativity, beauty and perfection and its articles are Must Reads!


By Eli Rezkallah, Ryan Houssari & Raul Docasar

By Eli Rezkallah, Ryan Houssari & Peter Tamlin

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One Response to Its all in Plastik!

  1. zeina says:

    that’s one of my favorite magazines as well….too bad we don’t have it in UAE….the pictures are very creative though…

    the girl in the picture before th elast is like am willing to die fashionably 😛
    and i love the shoes in the 3rd photo.

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