It’s just like home: ‘The Villa’ Shanghai – a modern women’s boutique

Right in the middle of the French Concession, I ended up infront of yet another interesting store: The Villa – high end-multi brand concept fashion boutique. So, I took a few pictures, posed on the entrance and decided to go in.

You won’t believe how cozy the place is, so you walk into the “villa” and you go up a staircase and you just get the vibe that it is going to be comfortable. I loved the uniqueness of the décor, it was vintage yet contemporary. The boutique showcases a mix of perfectly picked glamorous styles and exclusive jewlery pieces (as usual i’m picking up a few soon, I fell in love with the bracelets). The store embraces the most sought after cutting edge designers and under the radar labels, that are known worldwide but not yet in Chinese market.

You should really go check it out soon, it has a lot of my favorite brands: Alice+Olivia, Notte by Marchesa, Herve Léger, Rebecca Mikoff, Proenza Schouler… and many other glamorous extravagant labels for both clothing & accessories (shoes, bags & jewelry).

I also met the owner, Sarah! A beautiful challenging woman, she really made us have a lovely experience at the store. She is almost always there, so if you go soon, (maybe to get me a gift for christmas?) you’d get to meet her. I love her, I really admired her as a hardworking lady, she was the first to open such a ‘multi-brand’ concept store in Shanghai, and she is really excited to see more and more people come up with their brand concept stores, and more and more customers recognizing the brands she’s is carrying in the store.

One more thing, for those of you who are living here in Shanghai and don’t know where to shop before Christmas, i’ve got something for you, head down to Taojiang Lu. Especially this Monday, the boutique is hosting it first ever “Friends and Family Sale” from 5pm – 9pm. So if you get the chance to go early you can buy amazing things at heavily discounted prices. I’m so going, so I hope i’ll be seeing you there.

“You can follow fashion and copy styles but when you are born with it, you will always mark out of the crowd.” — Front Row

Here are my favorite pieces from the fall collection at the store:

Jacket By Vince

Jacket By Vince

Derek Lam sunglassess!!!

Accessories by Heirloom

Proenza Schouler bags & outfit

The Villa’s website.

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5 Responses to It’s just like home: ‘The Villa’ Shanghai – a modern women’s boutique

  1. zeina says:

    that is amazing wwwoooowww such a dreamy place for us girls!
    love the bracelets….price?

  2. tiffanytcm says:

    i lurrrrve Proenza Schouler!!! OMG!!! and that pair of sunglasses from Derek Lam!!! Hmmm… I’m definitely going.. I’m so gonna get you two Xmas presents LOL!!! But thanks for sharing!! Love it!

  3. StyleBeats says:

    Tiff, santa never goes back on his/her word. You are getting me the stuff for Christmas! HAHA. We are going tomorrow, I’ll help you pick out which one to get me!

    Zeina, the jewlery are all around 1500 RMB which is around 230$. The bracelets in the picture are cheaper! I will check tomorrow when I go.

  4. Wooow, such a lovely place! I will definitely go! I just checked her website, also very home-like friendly.

    Many thanks for the recommendation.

  5. sushii says:

    Beautiful! We LOVE this shop!!!

    Come visit us at
    Follow us on

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