Christian Louboutin: Bridget’s Back Ankle Bootie

Bridget's Back

A perfect pair of heels is a perfect pick to prepare you for the Christmas party season. Everyone seems to be in Louboutin heels lately, you can always spot at least one person pulling them off. I am obsessed with Louboutin’s shoes, they can be worn in the evening, to a party, for dinner – they work with absolutely everything.

The pick I have for today is a beautiful pair of heels, maybe not to be worn on a daily basis but one that would definitely transform your outfit. If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, invest in Christian Louboutin’s Bridget’s Back Ankle Bootie.

The shoe is retailing for around £2,325 [$3628] — only!

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3 Responses to Christian Louboutin: Bridget’s Back Ankle Bootie

  1. tiffanytcm says:

    I WISH I have that few dollars to share!! haha, anyway.. they look HOTTTT! quite your style, I can imagine you pulling them off LOL

  2. zeina says:

    $3628 is not “a few dollars” to spare looool. that is an aggressive pare of shoes kindof like a “don’t mess with me….i’ll kick you in the shin!” hehe but i would wear them to a good party

  3. Shanghaista says:

    WOW LOVING THE SHOES ! $3628 is fine with me….’cause AGAIN, if you guys know Santa personally you can “hook me up”…won’t have to spend a dime!

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