Victoria Beckham’s Hexagonal Chain crocodile bag


Okay, so I’ve been seeing Victoria’s designs at Alter here in Shanghai, and I check out her new collections at net-a-porter. I like her oversized sunglasses and the gray jeans, but I honestly always thought they are too expensive. We don’t mind paying 400$ for a Gucci pair of sunglasses, but I’m not too sure if I would do that for a Victoria Beckham pair. Well, I don’t mean anything by this, her designs are nice. But, I just came across a new item from her line:

Item: Victoria Beckham’s Hexagonal Chain crocodile bag


Description: A hexagonal-shaped gold chain handle and an elegant matte finish make Victoria Beckham’s black crocodile bag the epitome of ladylike luxury.

Price: £10,788.90

Come’ON, £10,788.90? Really? 16 672.09 US$? Really? I’m not so sure if that bag is going to be selling, maybe its a typo?

Would you buy it if you had the dollars to spare?

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3 Responses to Victoria Beckham’s Hexagonal Chain crocodile bag

  1. Shanghaista says:

    Dear Posh, I understand the want you have to brand yourself but you do not have a LV or Hermes status to sell a bag that expensive…SMH

  2. Shanghaista says:

    In this holiday season let’s think of those who do not have anything and others who obviously have too much… SMH

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