I ♥ Tom Ford’s S11 eyewear campaign

So one of my favorite accessory would be sunglasses, and for me the bigger the better! I just love big sunglasses, and Tom Ford just gave me another reason to fall in love with him and his creations.

Here’s a sneak peek of his spring/summer 2011 eyewear campaign. The shoots feature pairs of oversized and thick framed spectacles and sunglasses. Tom Ford continues with this trend, just when I was starting to not find a pair of oversized eyeglasses. I will definitely buy a pair.

The model featured in the campaign is Abbey Lee Kershaw. She looks stunning in her new blonde hair, the red lips, and my favorite nail color: red. I think I love the pair in the first picture below, need to check out how they look on me, they are a bit TOO oversized.

Like, Like, Like, Like, LOVE!

I love the sunglasses below for men, but not a big fan of the jacket (even though Tom Ford’s designs are one of my favorite for menswear).

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2 Responses to I ♥ Tom Ford’s S11 eyewear campaign

  1. Moni says:

    Very attractive campaign!

  2. zeina says:

    yeah the sunglasses are a bit TOO oversized hehe but they have to match the whole look….

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