My favorite shoe trend: Clog boots


I wrote about this trend last year for summer 2010 after I first saw it on the Chanel ’10 runaway show, the trend was still awfully new, and the comeback was still too weird for many of  us.

I didn’t manage to buy a pair last summer, but a few months ago, I found these pair of clog boots at French Connection, the best shoe investment I’ve made in years. I got them for 200$, quite reasonable for a pair of boots. I really love them. I’ve been wearing them with everything, on every occasion, they are so comfortable. I never loved heels until this pair. I’m not exaggerating, I can wear them for 12 hours and I don’t feel a thing.



My French Connection boots

I’m really looking forward to buy a pair of actual clogs for the summer, what better way to pull of high heels, be in style and yet not feel any pain.

This trend is the major shoe trend for next season, we saw a little bit of it last summer, but I think this time we’ll be seeing it on people, on the streets rather than on the catwalks. You really should consider buying a pair.

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One Response to My favorite shoe trend: Clog boots

  1. Moni says:

    hmm interesting! But i dont think i could pull those off :p

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