70’s Glamour: D&G S/S’11 Ad Campaign

I was waiting for the full campaign to be out to post about it, when I first saw the preview of the campaign I just felt there you go another reason to be excited for spring! I think there photos are my favorite so far for the upcoming season.

The colors, the style and the vibe just takes us back to the 70’s glamour don’t you think? I’m excited to be able to brink back that vintage vibe to my wardrobe picks for spring and summer. Note it done, 70’s glamour another trend for the coming season. Many trends are coming up this time around yet all are sleek, chic and stylish.

The photos are incredible, and so are the clothes. I love both the men’s and women’s collection. Love the floral long dresses, and I especially love the bags and the wedges in the photo below. I’m loving many things I know, but the more we get closer to summer the more and more I will love what I’m seeing. Can’t wait to start be rocking these trends in a few months.

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4 Responses to 70’s Glamour: D&G S/S’11 Ad Campaign

  1. tiffanytcm says:

    can’t wait till s/s 2011 ♥

  2. Hanan Taki says:

    Joy of living :this is what we think in front of this fashion .
    I love it laroush

  3. zeina says:

    man bi3a2do! couldn’t take my eyes off those lovely dresses… great campaign! thumbs up D&G! 😀

  4. sushii says:

    those boys look yummy 😉

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