Karl Lagerfeld exhibition: 18Gallery at the Bund in Shanghai

Art photos by Karl Lagerfeld showing the more “private” side of his creativity were exhibited at the 18 Gallery at the Bund in Shanghai. I posted in this a few pictures that I was able to snap at the gallery.

“Lagerfeld agrees he has 3 passions: Fashion, Photography& Books” — Karl Lagerfeld

The exhibition had beautiful photographs; it also had a film about Karl Lagerfeld running. The film was really nice, showing a more personal aspect of Mr. Lagerfeld.

The creative director of Chanel began working as a photographer in 1987. The photographs are part of his world and reflect his vision of the world, all in black & white.

The exhibition features a limited collection of photographs by Karl Lagerfeld and Adnan Taletovich (a professional fashion model & photographer, and also one of Lagerfeld’s favorite subjects).

Below is a photo I took of Jessica at the gallery!

The exhibition was a perfect outing for a sunday afternoon, next is to Culture Chanel…

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3 Responses to Karl Lagerfeld exhibition: 18Gallery at the Bund in Shanghai

  1. Zeina H. says:

    The photographs are amazing i love them and i actually love that time in history (the hair, the clothes…) ya hayeteh jess! i miss u sooo much :*

  2. Hina madhumal says:

    very nice!!!

  3. da dragon says:

    Ho hum at the best. if i was a creepy old man hiding behind women’s sunglasses, sleeping with pretty-boys, could I get an exhibition there too?

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