Straight from Latest Gossip from Paris: Tisci to Dior, Ackermann to Givenchy, Slimane to YSL

Just read this article written by Lauren Sherman on

Clearly the only thing anyone in Paris is talking about this week is John Galliano, and who will replace him at Dior. The latest gossip goes something like this: Riccardo Tisci will indeed replace Galliano at Christian Dior, Haider Ackermann will slip into Tisci’s spot at Givenchy, and despite YSL’s vehement denial otherwise, Hedi Slimane is about to take over for Stefano Pilati. Oh, and yes, Carine Roitfeld is coming along for the ride.

What’s more, if Ackermann is out of the running at Chanel, does that mean its Alber Elbaz’s when Karl purportedly retires in 2012?

We’ve heard all of this before, so who knows what will actually happen. But one thing’s for sure, Galliano’s ousting has changed the face of Paris fashion forever.

I totally agree, a lot is going on, keeps us wondering what’s going to be making headlines next!

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