Welcome to the city


Raised in the city of Beirut, you could not but grow up to love fashion and so… with the love of fashion began our great journey that lead us to find ourselves here in Shanghai.

As we unfold its mysteries, we will share the most interesting parts of our experience, in China’s most cosmopolitan and vigorouscity. Style Beats will walk hand in hand with you to show you Shanghai’s greatest spots, from fashion, beauty, art, street style to the nightlife. Style Beats will provide you with a taste of what it really is like to be living in one of the worlds fastest emerging markets.

Our journey begins right now…


3 Responses to Welcome to the city

  1. Vix says:

    Cool website:))…… will be checking this out all the time:)

  2. Saro Utukian says:

    Welcome to my City, My dream.
    The whore of the east they called her.
    And now, Shanghai, the number 1 rising city in the world.
    Cities Age with time, she gets younger and brighter.
    Will you love it, like I did? I should rephrase that: will you catch on?
    Raised in the same city as you came from, and witnessing a decade of change in this city you chose, the city I live in, I can say you won’t. No one can run at the speed this city is changing.
    From the 7 story high rise to highest hotel in the world
    From Ferries crossing the Bund to Pudong to the longest arc bridge
    From the mahjong and KTVs to Bar rouge and Mint
    From the fake markets to the glamorous Dior shops.
    And so on and on and on

    What is Fashion?
    Fashion: a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing etc….

    Who puts these prevailing rules and norms? Does shanghai follow or create its own?
    I let you girls find out during your short journey in my city, my dream.

    Your guide at your service

    Who knows, you might be able to change her name to the “fashion capital of the east”

  3. Nour says:

    I seriously enjoy going through your website! I love it , looking forward.
    Best of luck

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