Men’s Autumn / Fall 2010: Military fashion

So, I got a few requests concerning men’s fashion. I guess we’ve got some guys interested in knowing about the latest men’s fashion. I’m glad, really! (Finally I must say!)

There’s been this idea forever now that men tend to stick to the traditional classic trends and do not follow the new trends as much as woman. But guess what guys, the fashion world is really interesting, so you should start following.

Here we go, this winter menswear trends continue from last year’s items but of course with a few new things. I’ll be writing about one new trend in each of my posts that dominated the menswear collections this time around.

Introducing the autumn / winter 2010 trend for men: Military fashion. This trend is derived from 40’s & 50’s inspirations it has been around for a while but it’s brought back with a focus on quality & detail. One of the best things about this trend is that it is made to be functional, so this should work for all you guys. As it gets colder, you should be looking to buy a new coat, a perfect way to incorporate this trend. Army green or navy blue would be the best colors for a military style jacket/coat. The first that inspired the evolution of this trend is Christopher Bailey, he introduced this in his work for the Burberry Autumn 2010 collection.

I know many think fashion is for men with a fashion mind, but you can still try to incorporate a few trends. Guys, I think it’s time to get rid of the boring polo-shirt, blazer & jeans look.

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3 Responses to Men’s Autumn / Fall 2010: Military fashion

  1. DUX says:

    very democratic de ta part, lstning to ppl’s demands!
    keep it up!

  2. Mounir Sfeir says:

    Finally we are having some attention!!! Hehehehe

    I like the last sentence…

  3. zeina says:

    well in men’s fashion, i don’t like when men over do it! i like men to be fashionable but still keep a simple vibe as well….i love the soft turtlenecks and the trenchcoats with the fur neck….

    some more photos would be nice 🙂

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